New Columns Available in the Reporting Objects

IT Asset Management version 2022 R2

To make reporting easier and extend the data exposed through the ReportsExecute REST API for Cloud customers, the following 16 columns have been added to the report builder in the Inventory Device, Virtual Machine, Cluster, Installation, Contracts, and Purchase reporting objects.

These new columns bring new attributes or numerical values for dates, which enables users to create new reports such as "All contracts that will end within 90 days".

Reporting Object New Column
  • vCenter IP Address
    Note: This information is provided by the Flexera vCenter Inventory.
  • End Date (days)
  • Installation Date (as reported by the add/remove program evidence when available)
  • Start of Life

  • Release Date

  • End of Support

  • End of Support (days)

  • End of Extended Support

  • End of Life

Inventory Device
  • Server
    Note: Based on the operating system, the value can be yes or no.
  • Inventory Date (days)
  • Primary Inventory Date
  • Primary Inventory Date (days)
  • Primary Inventory Source
  • Expiry Date (days)
Virtual Machine
  • Affinity Enabled

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