VMs Inventory Gaps From vCenters Report

IT Asset Management version 2022 R2

The new VMs Inventory Gaps From vCenters report returns and displays all virtual machines (VMs) and corresponding inventory status from a vCenter import.

The report groups the inventoried VMs information (including their vCenter) with the awaiting inventory ones, providing an opportunity for SAM Managers to contact the operation team(s) and request the deployment of inventory agents for VMs that are yet to be inventoried.

The following information provided by the report is key to resolving the gaps in the VMs inventory:
  • The vCenter inventory date is critical and allows you to see possible data collection issues or outdated information that may be responsible for not triggering an agent deployment request
  • Host information (host domain, host corporate unit and so on) will help to identify management team(s) for non-inventoried VMs.

For more details, see VMs Inventory Gaps From vCenters Report in the Online Help.

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