SAM Hubs and the SAM Optimization Hub

IT Asset Management version 2022 R2
From 2022 R2 onwards, a series of different SAM Hubs will be released in IT Asset Management. A SAM Hub is a process driven dashboard that aggregates information related to a specific topic (such as Optimization, Operation and Transparency) and provides the following:
  • KPI trends over time
  • high level explanations
  • metric drill down capabilities.

In each SAM Hub, you can drill down through your data by using the available widgets and snapshots, and for a deep dive, you can run detailed reports.

The SAM Optimization Hub is the first SAM Hub to be released for IT Asset Management. The SAM Optimization Hub provides analysis on achieved and potential license savings, aggregating the data from the various optimization reports explained in the SAM Optimization Hub Online Help.

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