Support for Linux on IBM zSystems and LinuxONE

IT Asset Management version 2022 R2.2

From this release, IT Asset Management supports Linux running on IBM zSystems (also known as "s390x" or "z/Architecture", which is an architecture developed and supported by IBM) and LinuxONE platforms. This new feature provides comprehensive software asset optimization capabilities that span your entire IT estate and provides valuable benefits for the customers looking to maximize their investments in the IBM Z technology.

This new feature includes the following capabilities:

Inventory collection for Linux on zSystems and LinuxONE

The FlexNet Inventory Agent collects inventory from a wide range of Linux platforms, but until now, the Linux distributions running on the IBM zSystems architecture have not been supported and customers have had to rely on the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT). From this release, the FlexNet Inventory Agent supports Linux operating systems running on IBM zSystems platforms that support glibc version 2.17 or newer and on LinuxONE platforms.

For more details on how to install the FlexNet Inventory Agent, see Gathering FlexNet Inventory available at

Inventory visibility into the IBM Z and LinuxONE infrastructure

IT Asset Management now provides visibility into the IBM Z and LinuxONE infrastructure, including the ability to see the hardware resource partitioning, which is essential to optimize the utilization of your resources. You can gain insight into how your IBM Z and LinuxONE resources are being used, identify underutilized resources and make informed decisions about how to optimize your infrastructure. This level of visibility and control helps you maximize the value of your IBM Z and LinuxONE investments and improve overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The following IBM zSystems inventory can now be collected and represented in the IT Asset Management UI, allowing you to count licenses for IBM and non IBM products running on zSystems environments (such as Oracle database):
  • Host
  • LPAR groups
  • LPARs
  • z/VM or zKVM hypervisor (depending on what hypervisor is in use)
  • Linux VM guests.

For more details about the IBM zSystems hierarchy structure and how the IBM zSystems inventory is represented in the IT Asset Management UI, see IBM zSystems Virtual Inventory in the Online Help.

Licensing on IBM zSystems and LinuxONE

IT Asset Management now supports licensing on IBM zSystems and LinuxONE, with the IBM licensing capability and audit reports extended. This capability provides comprehensive licensing for all the supported publishers and IBM sub-capacity licensing and reporting.

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