New Application Publishers screen

IT Asset Management version 2023 R1.1

The Application Publishers screen shows you the number of active licenses and other metrics for each application publisher against all application publishers listed in the Application Recognition Library. At a glance, the Application Publishers screen contains column data pertaining to licenses, contracts, processed purchases and provides quick indication on what publishers are currently being managed in your organization.

To see vendor details and total spend on publishers (over a period of five years and for the last three years by quarter), you can drill down through publisher data by selecting the Publisher Name in the grid. This opens the Publisher Properties screen.

Note: An application publisher or publisher is a third-party company or entity responsible for developing applications and software. In IT Asset Management, a vendor differs from a publisher and is any third-party company or entity that sells this software to your organization and is typically local. For example, Microsoft is an application publisher and the corresponding vendor is Microsoft UK. You can see associated vendors by selecting the Vendors tab.

For more details, see Application Publishers.

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