Restriction by operating system change of behavior

IT Asset Management version 2023 R1.2

When applying a restriction by operating system, only operating systems that are locally installed on a device will now be considered when applying the restriction. As a result, consumption numbers may reduce.

Note: This change of behavior applies to any and all types of restriction by operating system and isn't specific to Windows Server.

Prior to this change, for some devices, IT Asset Management was reporting software running on remote machines/virtualizations as installed applications on devices used to connect to the remote machine. For example, a common scenario would have been Microsoft Windows Server being reported as an installed application on any Microsoft Windows 10 device which was used to remotely access a VDI machine running Microsoft Windows Server. This effectively meant that a device running Microsoft Windows 10, with the Windows Server restriction by operating system setting applied, was able to consume from a Microsoft Windows Server license. This behavior is no longer the case. Now, IT Asset Management will only consider the local installation of Windows 10. Therefore, the Windows Server restriction will prevent the device from consuming and, as a result, consumption numbers (notably for Microsoft Server licenses) may reduce.

The following license types are impacted:
  • Microsoft Server Processor
  • Microsoft Server Core
  • Microsoft Server/Management Core
  • Microsoft SCCM Client Device
  • Microsoft SCCM Client User.
The following restrictions by operating system settings are impacted:
  • Non Windows Server
  • Windows desktop
  • Windows Server.

In all cases, devices will need a local installation of the operating system type specified in the restriction in order to be allowed to consume from the license. Consumption numbers may reduce if devices that previously consumed from that license have an operating system different to what is specified in the restriction.

For more information on restriction controls in IT Asset Management, see Restrictions Tab in the Online Help.

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