New Active Directory reporting object

IT Asset Management version 2023 R1.3

Custom reports can now include a new AD Group object. The AD Group object is extremely useful, as it allows you to report on users and their corresponding AD Groups, letting you see the applications that users are permitted to access by way of AD Groups.

Note: An Active Directory group is a group of users that have been given access to certain resources. Administrators can give access and permissions to a group rather than assigning rights individually to each member of the group. Details of AD groups are imported by means of the out of the box Active Directory import (generally triggered once a day from the Beacon).

When creating the report in the Report Builder, reports can start from the AD Group object and link to the User object, similarly, reports starting from the User object can be linked to the AD Group object. As the number of AD groups is typically high, it's recommended to apply a filter when creating the report. For example, the combination of AD groups and users can quickly surpass one million.

Creating a report with an AD Group object and applying the intelligent license restriction, allows you to influence the scope of license coverage in a more automated way. For example, you can create a Microsoft CAL license report to count all users from a specific AD Group, meaning the license can consume based on user application assignments, rather than recognizing applications on devices.

For more information on how to create a custom report, see Creating a Custom Report.

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