Intelligent license allocation and exemption

IT Asset Management version 2023 R1.4

The Intelligent License Exemption and Allocation feature automates the process of allocating or exempting users and devices to licenses as defined by a report. This allows SAM managers to better influence the scope of license coverage in a more automated way and minimizes the time needed to manually allocate or exempt users and devices to licenses.

To automate allocation and exemption of users and devices by report, open License Properties, select the Use Rights & Rules tab and scroll down to the Allocations and exemptions section (previously called "Exemptions"). In addition to exempting a device by role, you can now allocate or exempt users and devices by report and link the report to a license.

Users and devices allocated to a report are given priority to consume from the license.
  • Selecting Allocated for the allocation type, will only allow the user or device to consume from a license if a licensed application can be found.
  • Selecting Awaiting Inventory or Permanent for the allocation type, allows the user or device to consume from the license with or without a licensed application.

Users and devices exempted from consuming a license by a report will consume the license with priority for their installed applications covered by that license, like for an allocation, but the consumption will be 0. Some license agreements specify certain purposes for which an installed application may be used without consuming any license entitlements. Typical examples include exemptions for backup machines, or for computers used exclusively for training.

Automated allocations and exemptions can be viewed in the Consumption tab from the Allocation reason and Exemption reason columns, and are recalculated every day during the pre-scheduled overnight license reconciliation job. Essentially, you are able to create dynamic user and device groups, and your report may retrieve more or less users and devices every day which is reflected in the license automatically with no manual input.

Important: The following logic applies for allocating and exempting users and devices: Manual allocations and exemptions will never be deleted from IT Asset Management. The reason being that a user purposely allocated or exempted a user/device to or from a license, and that allocation or exemption will continue to apply to the license even if the report is changed. However, automated exemptions for a particular device or user are prioritized over manual and automated allocations because of the difference in cost. It's cheaper to exempt a user from consuming a license instead of allocating a user to consume entitlements from a license.

For more information on how to automate allocations and exemptions for users and devices in IT Asset Management, see Allocations and Exemptions in the Online Help.

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