New columns added to the Application Transparency report

IT Asset Management version 2023 R2.2

Six new columns have been added to the Application Transparency report to provide additional information on the inventory device where the application is installed. The additional columns will help identify which device the installation relates to, what inventory source the device came from and who the user of the device is.

The following columns have been added to the Computer database object of which they are properties:

  • Inventory Device Status—Indicates the current state of a device. It can have any of the following values: Active, Archived, Awaiting Inventory and Ignored.
  • Inventory Device Type—Specifies the type of the inventory device, which may be any of the following values: Cluster, Computer, Mobile device, Product, Remote Device, VDI Template, Virtual Machine and VM Host.
  • Inventory Source—Identifies the most recent source of inventory for this device.
  • SerialNo—The unique identifier for the inventory device linked to this asset record.
  • MacAddress—The Media Access Control (MAC) address of the accessing device.
  • Owner - Calculated User—The user most often logged on to the device in the last ten inventory collections.

For more details, see Application Transparency Report in the Online Help.

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