IT Asset Management Data API enhancement

IT Asset Management version 2023 R2.3

The IT Asset Management Data REST API has been enhanced to include readability improvements for reporting and additional properties for devices. Summary of changes is listed below.

Report Executor API

The following enhancements have been made to the Report Executor API (reportsExecute) to improve readability of report data:

  • Data retrieval is no longer restricted by one million record limit
  • CSV or JSON line delimited format can be specified when making a request.

Now when making a request, all reporting data is returned in an understandable format, without any limitations on the number of records shown per page. For customers, this helps reduce the level of effort required when reading reporting data returned by the API.

Installed Software API

The Installed Software API has been extended (devicesCreateV2) to provide important inventory device and installed software properties, giving you better visibility of devices and software in your organization. Prior to this update, the data exposed by the Installed Software API was limited. Enhancements are listed below.
  • Additional inventory device properties have been added:
    • Inventory device type
    • Inventory device role
    • Inventory date
    • Last inventory source
    • Hosted in
    • HostName for the VM
    • Manufacturer
    • Model
    • Number of processors
    • Number of cores
    • Processor type
    • Total memory
    • Assigned user
    • Last logged in user.
  • Additional installed software properties have been added:
    • Status
    • Product name
    • Classification
    • Category
    • Discovery date
    • Name for the VM
    • Last used date
    • Access mode (important for targeted action to identify local and remote).
  • CSV or JSON line delimited format can be specified when making a request.

For API documentation, see IT Asset Management Data API.

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