View software SKUs with the new SKU Browser

IT Asset Management version 2023 R2.4
Note: This new feature functionality will be made available for customers by way of a staged rollout which will gradually increase over the upcoming weeks. For now, the SKU Browser is only available for a limited number of customers.
In this release, IT Asset Management procurement and SKU Library capabilities have been extended to allow customers to view decrypted software SKUs using the new SKU Browser accessible in IT Asset Management under Procurement > SKU Library > SKU Browser.

The SKU Browser displays any software SKU which is recognized and populated in the IT Asset Management SKU library. On accessing the SKU Browser, you can enter a SKU number and browse publishers, applications and their extended descriptions. You can also search by publisher and product to return a list of SKUs along with additional information to help you choose the most relevant option.

The new SKU Browser is a great source of SKU information available at your fingertips, and will help to reduce time and effort when creating purchase orders.

For users who need to view SKU information, a new role called SKU Library has been introduced in the Creating a Role page and must be assigned to them in order to view SKU information. Three privileges are available in the drop-down: Read only, None, and Custom.

Note: By default, users with administrator rights are given the Read only privilege. Users (including administrators) cannot create, delete or modify SKU records. SKU information is read-only.

A new sub-task called Software SKU and License Definition Updates has also been introduced in this release and added to the ARL Import task. This new sub-task is responsible for populating the SKU Browser with updated SKU information. After the ARL Importing sub-task has finished running, the Software SKU and License Definition Updates sub-task will automatically run. Note: The Software SKU and License Definition Updates sub-task is not visible under System Tasks in a multi-tenanted environment.

For more information on this feature, see SKU Browser in the Online Help.

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