New columns added to the VMware Inventory page

IT Asset Management version 2023 R2.4

The VMware Inventory page lists VMware vSphere and vCenter application inventory detected in your organization. As per recent VMware licensing changes (VMware now only offers core-based subscription based licensing), four new columns have been added to provide relevant insights into the new licensing model and to better track ESXi machines and vCenters that are no longer reporting.

The following fields have been added:

  • Cores per CPU—The total number of processor cores per CPU running a VMware application.
  • Inventory date—The date when inventory information was last collected for VMware applications installed on this device.
  • Number of core licenses—The number of core licenses required as per the total number of processor cores or a minimum of 16 per CPU.
  • vCenter version—The vCenter version number of the vCenter computer managing this appliance.

For more information on what properties are listed on the VMware Inventory page, see VMware Inventory in the Online Help.

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