Resource ID is now collected from Azure instances

IT Asset Management version 2023 R2

The Flexera inventory agent and Microsoft Azure adaptor can now collect Resource IDs from Microsoft Azure instances. This is beneficial for cloud cost management system customers, as the Resource ID is a key data element used to uniquely identify Microsoft Azure instances for billing, costing and cost allocations.

With this enhancement, Resource IDs for Microsoft Azure instances currently running in your Microsoft Azure environment, will populate the Cloud Service Provider Inventory page after Microsoft Azure virtual machine data is collected by the Flexera inventory agent or the Microsoft Azure adaptor and imported into IT Asset Management.

For creating custom reports, Resource ID has been added to the Cloud Service Instance database object in the Report Builder.

For more information on what Microsoft Azure virtual machine data is imported into IT Asset Management and how to create a custom report, see Cloud Service Provider Inventory and Creating a Custom Report in the Online Help.

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