mgspolicy Command Line

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The policy component is responsible for checking and applying policy on the managed device.

Because server-side policy merging is run on the inventory beacons, the policy component simply invokes the installation component. The installation component retrieves the resulting policy files from the appropriate inventory beacon, and installs the required packages. For command line details for the installation component, see ndlaunch Command Line.

During adoption, the policy component attempts to collect policy and its operating schedule from the bootstrapping inventory beacon (which has collected these from the central application server). If for any reason this collection does not succeed, then until the FlexNet Inventory Agent receives its operating schedule, the policy component runs:
  • On Windows platforms, each time the managed device reboots
  • On UNIX-like platforms, once each day at a random time between 0800 and 2300 (local time on the managed device).
Once the operating schedule is received from the bootstrapping inventory beacon, this behavior is discontinued, and the policy component is triggered regularly to check for changes, and apply the policy when amended. The policy component uses preference settings on the managed device to determine the appropriate command line parameters.


mgspolicy [options ...]


-o tag=value
-s source
-t User | Machine

Type Value Description
-o tag=value Each instance over-rides the specified preference for the policy component. Each parameter set at the command line must be accompanied by its own -o flag. Do not repeat any individual tag within the command line. Possible tags are listed below.
Note: In addition to the tags listed below, you may also set any preferences for the inventory component (ndtrack) on the command line. When the policy component launches ndtrack, these preferences will be passed to the ndtrack command line. When you set policy agent logging preferences on the command line, these are also passed to ndtrack, and the log file becomes a single combined file for both mgspolicy and ndtrack activities. For details, see ndtrack Command Line.
-s source
Identifies the source location of server-side merged policy (.npl) files on the inventory beacon. If you do not specify a source, the policy agent uses the last known location (set in the PolicyServerURL preference). Example:
-s "
-t User | Machine
Identifies the type of policy to be merged. This can be user or machine policy.
Note: User-based policy is now deprecated.


Possible tags for use in a command line with the -o options are shown below.
Note: Most preferences for the policy agent are not passed through to the installation agent when it is called. Either list the preferences in the Common registry key, or use separate preferences for the installation agent.
In addition, the following preferences set in the registry on the managed device influence the behavior of the policy agent:
The following preferences available in earlier releases are now deprecated, and should not be used:
  • AllowedPkgSubtypes
  • AutoDetectDC
  • MinimumDCSpeed
  • PolicySource
  • UserPolicy
  • UserPolicyDirectory
  • UserPolicyPackageDirectory.

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