MgsBandwidth: Bandwidth Priorities

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

This algorithm prioritizes inventory beacons based on the end-to-end bandwidth available to each inventory beacon. It uses an average of ping requests where packets of different sizes are sent as part of the calculation. Unlike MgsPing, there is no parallelism in querying servers, so that this algorithm should only be used in scenarios that do not require parallel pinging.

MgsBandwidth estimates the total bandwidth available between the local inventory device and each inventory beacon, and not the amount of currently unused bandwidth. The estimate is more accurate when there is less traffic on the network.
Tip: The bandwidth calculation used is very similar to the one described in server/reskit/en-us/distrib/dsec_pol_chzb.asp.
MgsBandwidth (int limit)
  • limit is an optional integer setting the maximum number of inventory beacons to which priorities will be assigned by this algorithm.

Example of MgsBandwidth algorithm results

Location Bandwidth Incoming priority Resulting priority


LAN (100Mbps) blank 1


LAN (10Mbps) blank 2


WAN (56K Modem) blank 4


WAN (ADSL) blank 3

IT Asset Management (Cloud)