MgsPing: Server with the Fastest Response

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

This algorithm pings each inventory beacon three times with a timeout of three seconds. An unlimited number of inventory beacons can be prioritized, but a maximum of 50 are ‘pinged’ in parallel at the same time. The general rule is that for 50 actively responding servers, the prioritization will be complete in fewer than five seconds.

The inventory beacon with the shortest response time is assigned the highest priority, and so on down the list ordered by response times.
Warning: Carefully consider the multiplier effect of using this algorithm on a large number of target inventory devices addressing a large number of inventory beacons. It could have a negative impact on network performance, particularly at tightly-scheduled policy update times. The maxHops parameter is useful for limiting the scope of pings.

Where pinging is desirable, consider combining it with another algorithm to limit the set of servers tested.

MgsPing (int limit, boolean discardForeign, int maxHops )
  • limit is an optional integer setting the maximum number of inventory beacons to which priorities will be assigned by this algorithm.
  • discardForeign is an optional boolean represented by the case-insensitive strings true or false. The default is false.
    • If false or omitted, the algorithm assigns a lower priority to inventory beacons that are not matched by the algorithm than to all those that are matched.
    • If true, the algorithm sets the priorities of any unmatched inventory beacons to the string literal invalid. The launcher component and the upload component will not use such inventory beacons for transfers.
  • maxHops is an optional integer setting the maximum number of network segments that the ping will traverse. A value of 1 means that there must be no routers between the two computers. Valid values are 1 to 255. The default is 127.

Example of MgsPing algorithm results

Location Avg round-trip time Incoming priority Resulting priority


100 ms blank 2


50 ms blank


C 200 ms blank 3
D 400 ms blank


IT Asset Management (Cloud)