MgsRandom: Random Priorities

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
This algorithm assigns random priorities to the download/upload locations on inventory beacons, within the range specified by the HighestPriority and LowestPriority registry keys (see HighestPriority and LowestPriority).

This ensures that all target inventory devices referencing the same failover list of locations do not use the same location for download and/or upload, spreading the load between inventory beacons.

MgsRandom (int limit)
  • limit is an optional integer setting the maximum number of inventory beacons to which priorities will be assigned by this algorithm.

Example of MgsRandom algorithm results

  • Domain of target inventory device:
  • IP address of target inventory device:
In the table below, the domain and IP address are those of the inventory beacon under consideration.
Location Domain IP address Auto Priority Incoming priority Resulting priority

A true blank 3

B true blank


C true blank 2
D true blank


E false 5 5
In the above example, the algorithm determines priorities in the following way:
  • Location E has AutoPriority set to false, so that it is excluded from the calculation process and its priority value of 5 is carried through unchanged.
  • Priorities 1-4 are randomly assigned to the remaining locations.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)