MgsSubnetMatch: Match to Subnet

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

This algorithm scans through all inventory beacons in the subnet containing the target inventory device and moves them to the front of the priority list, while retaining the relative order of existing priorities.

This is particularly useful if combining with other algorithms, such as
This combination provides a resultant set of priorities based on the fastest responding servers within the current subnet, followed by the fastest responding servers outside the subnet.
MgsSubnetMatch (int limit, boolean discardForeign)
  • limit is an optional integer setting the maximum number of inventory beacons to which priorities will be assigned by this algorithm.
  • discardForeign is an optional boolean represented by the case-insensitive strings true or false. The default is false.
    • If false or omitted, the algorithm assigns a lower priority to inventory beacons that are not matched by the algorithm than to all those that are matched.
    • If true, the algorithm sets the priorities of any unmatched inventory beacons to the string literal invalid. The launcher component and the upload component will not use such inventory beacons for transfers.

Example of MgsSubnetMatch algorithm results

For a target inventory device with:
  • IP address:
  • Subnet mask:
  • Subnet:
In the following table, the bandwidth and IP address are for each inventory beacon under consideration.
Location Bandwidth IP address Incoming priority Resulting priority

Location A

LAN (100Mbps) 1 3

Location B

LAN (10Mbps) 2


Location C

WAN (56K modem) 4 2
Location D WAN (ADSL) 3


In the above example:
  • Location C and D are in the same subnet as the client, and therefore have higher priority than A and B.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)