Command Lines

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
To assist with the preparation of custom solutions, this section summarizes the command lines for the various code entities that together function as the FlexNet Inventory Agent. The mapping of descriptive titles to executable names is:
  • FlexNet Inventory Agent includes many components, but the inventory-gathering component is ndtrack
  • Installation component is ndlaunch
  • Policy component is mgspolicy
  • Schedule component is ndschedag
  • Upload component (or uploader) is ndupload.

The application usage component does not have any command line available (on Windows, it runs as a plug-in, and on UNIX-like systems, it runs as a service or daemon). However, there are still a few preferences relevant to the application usage component. Since there is no command line, these can only be adjusted by directly editing the registry (or the config.ini file on UNIX-like platforms). Relevant items are listed in the chapter Preferences.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)