Agent Third-Party Deployment: Accounts and Privileges

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

When you choose to deploy the FlexNet inventory agent using third-party tools under your own management, you handle all the account security required for deployment and installation on target devices. The following comments assume that installation is complete, and address only the account requirements for ongoing operation.

The operational account requirements vary slightly across platforms.

Microsoft Windows

FlexNet inventory agent runs as the local SYSTEM account.

UNIX-like platforms

The FlexNet inventory agent must run as root to install and run its services on the local device.

The security settings for subdirectories of /opt/managesoft:
  • The lib and libexec folders are completely locked down to root only.
  • The bin folder is open to all, to allow easy access to the path of the executables in the folder when using privilege escalation tools like sudo.
  • The executables in the bin folder are locked down to root only.
  • documentation and software tag are readable by all.
The /var/opt/managesoft directory is only accessible by root.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)