Agent Third-Party Deployment: Deployment Notes for Windows Platforms

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You have finished editing the bootstrap configuration file (mgssetup.ini) and, if necessary, customized the MSI command line stored in Setup.ini. These files may now be handed off, together with FlexNet Inventory Agent.msi and the associated file, for packaging and deployment. The following notes about the installation may be helpful to the packaging team.
  1. The mgssetup.ini bootstrap configuration file must be placed in the same folder as the FlexNet Inventory Agent.msi file before executing the install command.
  2. In this location, the mgssetup.ini file must be readable by both the SYSTEM and installing user at installation time. This means that the MSI package cannot be installed from a mapped drive (which would only be visible to the installing user), or a file share which is not visible to both user accounts.
  3. As usual, the installing account needs administrator privileges to complete the installation.
  4. If you are using Microsoft Installer and providing a command line, you may conveniently modify the installation directory like this (all in one line):
    msiexec  /i “FlexNet Inventory Agent.msi” 
         INSTALLDIR=”E:\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\Agent” /qb
    If you are not preparing your own command line, see Agent Third-Party Deployment: Edit the Configuration File for Microsoft Windows for another method of changing the installation directory.
  5. For operation, the FlexNet Inventory Agent services must be configured to run as the Local System account.
  6. Once the FlexNet Inventory Agent has been successfully deployed and is reporting inventory, the device is visible in the All Discovered Devices page (Inventory > Network Discovery > All Discovered Devices). With Agent third-party deployment, devices may not appear in this list until you run a license reconciliation process, as previously undiscovered devices are automatically added here when their reported inventory is processed.
    Tip: The Agent installed column on that page is set to Yes only when:
    • The discovered device was ''adopted" (through the automated processes where an inventory beacon installed the standard FlexNet deployment package) within the last 30 days, creating a grace period within which inventory uploads are expected
    • The installed FlexNet Inventory Agent uploads inventory, within which the agent itself can be recognized, in cycles of 30 days or less.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)