Agent Third-Party Deployment: Uninstalling FlexNet Inventory Agent from UNIX

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If you need to manually uninstall FlexNet Inventory Agent from a managed device, use the following command lines.
  • If the agent as been installed for the full privilege default operation mode, the uninstallation will leave behind the folder /var/opt/managesoft since it may contain a package cache that a future re-install of the can use.
  • If the agent has been installed for the least privilege operation mode, the uninstallation will remove the flxrasvc account as well as the entire agent data directory from the UNIX system , because there is file system data owned by this account.
Platform Uninstallation command line


For removal from the standard installation path, use:
installp -u managesoft
If you have used a custom installation path, known as a User Specified Installation Location (USIL), you must include the same USIL so that FlexNet Inventory Agent is removed from the correct object repository (and keep the options in this order):
installp -R path -u managesoft 

Debian Linux x86 and x86_64

dpkg --purge managesoft


swremove managesoft

Linux x86 and x86_64

rpm --erase --verbose managesoft

Mac OS X

/opt/managesoft/bin/uninstall-managesoft.command -force

Solaris x86 and SPARC

echo action=nocheck > admin.mgs
pkgrm -n -a admin.mgs ManageSoft 
rm -f admin.mgs

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