Agent Third-Party Deployment: Uninstalling from Windows Platforms

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
If you decide to remove the FlexNet inventory agent from a system running Microsoft Windows, you have two basic approaches:
  • Use the deployment tool with which you completed the original installation to now remove it.
  • Manually navigate to Add/Remove Programs (or equivalent) in Microsoft Windows and uninstall FlexNet inventory agent.
    Tip: This standard Windows facility means that, depending on privileges in your environment, users of managed devices can remove FlexNet inventory agent. If you wish to prevent users on these target devices from using Windows Add/Remove Programs to uninstall the FlexNet inventory agent, uncomment this line in mgssetup.ini before deployment:
       [Custom Install Settings]
    Of course, this reduces your options for uninstallation, and you must then use your deployment tool to do any planned removal.

Uninstallation removes the executables, but leaves behind the folders %ProgramFiles%\ManageSoft\Launcher\Cache, and its peer PkgCache, since these may contain content that a future re-install of the FlexNet inventory agent can use. (On 64-bit platforms, substitute %ProgramFiles(x86)%.)

IT Asset Management (Cloud)