FlexNet Inventory Scanner: Implementation

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The processes for obtaining, configuring, deploying, and using the FlexNet inventory core components in the FlexNet Inventory Scanner configuration have a number of differences across Windows and non-Windows platforms. For simpler reading, each is treated separately in one of the following topics.

Those topics are followed by details of configuration.

There are two ways to configure the inventory agent on inventory devices:
  • At run-time, using command-line options (see FlexNet Inventory Scanner Command Line).
  • Use the configuration file specific to the platform:
    • On Microsoft Windows, use the wmitrack.ini file that governs the Windows Management Instrumentation class tracking behavior. This is described in Configuring WMI for FlexNet Inventory Scanner.
    • On UNIX-like platforms, use the ndtrack.ini file that (like the wmitrack.ini file on Windows) controls the providers used for various kinds of inventory gathering; but unlike the other, can also be extended to include any of the preferences that may be set on the command-line (see Configuring ndtrack.ini for UNIX-like Platforms).
Note: On Microsoft Windows, the FlexNet Inventory Scanner is different than the installed FlexNet Inventory Agent (where an inventory target has been 'adopted' by the local installation of the full inventory agent) in this regard:
  • The lightweight FlexNet Inventory Scanner does not access Windows registry settings to determine options.
  • The full FlexNet Inventory Agent may access a wide range of registry settings to control its behavior.

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