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AllowedPkgTypes is a semi-colon (;) separated list of installable package types. Whereas the policy for the FlexNet Inventory Agent references all the packages (of all kinds) that are available for this managed device, the AllowedPkgTypes setting acts as a filter, so that only the listed types are included in policy updates. An empty value allows installation of all package types. Clearly this preference is intended for internal use, but may on rare occasions be useful for testing.

The package types available are:
  • Package (normal FlexNet packages)
  • ClientSettings (only packages containing fail-over settings)
  • ClientConfiguration (only packages containing managed device settings)
  • Schedule (only packages containing details of scheduled events).


Values / range

Package, ClientSettings, ClientConfiguration, Schedule

Default value

(No default.)

Example values


Command line


Installation component (ndlaunch), policy component (mgspolicy)


-o AllowedPkgTypes="ClientConfiguration"


Installed by

Code internals

Computer preference


IT Asset Management (Cloud)