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Catchup controls the behavior of events occurring on the managed device. It determines when the FlexNet Inventory Agent will catch up missed scheduled events. Possible actions include:
  • Always: the agent always attempts to catch up on all missed events.
    Note: With this value set, running the scheduling component does not display its graphical interface. This value is used temporarily during self-upgrades of the FlexNet Inventory Agent to ensure that no events that were scheduled to occur during the upgrade are missed, and to confirm the success of the upgrade. For this reason, it cannot display a user interface, since that would block the self-upgrade while waiting for a user response.
  • Never: the agent never attempts to catch up on missed events.
  • Once: the agent attempts to catch up on only the most recently missed event. For example, if the inventory device was powered down at the time when there was an event scheduled for the machine, this setting causes the missed event to run shortly after the inventory device is powered up again.
    Tip: This setting is used if you select the Run last missed event control in the Inventory agent schedule section of the Inventory Settings page.
  • Query: the agent queries the user regarding catch up on missed events (available for Windows devices only).


Values / range

Always, Never, Once, Query

Default value

No default in registry; default behavior is Never

Example values


Command line


Scheduling component (ndschedag)


-o Catchup=Query


Installed by

Installation of FlexNet Inventory Agent (computer preference)

Computer preference

[Registry]\ManageSoft\Schedule Agent\CurrentVersion

IT Asset Management (Cloud)