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When DisableAllAgentUploads is set to True, inventory files generated by components of the FlexNet Inventory Agent (such as the tracker or the usage agent) are saved locally on the local inventory device, but are not uploaded to any inventory beacon. This includes the (default nightly) catch-up transfers by the ndupload component.
Tip: When DisableAllAgentUploads is set to True, it overrides the setting for the Upload preference (which, in any case, controls only the tracker).
When DisableAllAgentUploads is False, normal upload operations apply (including allowing control by other preferences like Upload and DisablePeriod).
Restriction: While DisableAllAgentUploads controls uploads from all components of the FlexNet Inventory Agent, it has no effect on uploads initiated by either the Flexera Kubernetes Inventory Agent or the Lightweight Kubernetes Inventory Agent. Furthermore, if the imgtrack container inventory tool is in use (and running ndtrack.sh on UNIX-like platforms), it does not have this preference set, and therefore continues the normal upload operations from that device.

This setting can be used to temporarily turn off uploads from all components of the locally-installed FlexNet Inventory Agent to allow, for example, investigations of potential network security concerns.


Values / range

Boolean (True or False)

Default value

This enables normal upload operations from the FlexNet Inventory Agent to the inventory beacon of its choice.

Command line


Inventory component (ndtrack) and upload component (ndupload)


-o DisableAllAgentUploads=True
This allows you, for example, to run a test inventory collection on the local inventory device, but to not upload the resulting .ndi file, instead holding the file locally for examination.


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IT Asset Management (Cloud)