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Disabled specifies whether the application usage component is inactive on this managed device. When set to True, the FlexNet Inventory Agent does not record application usage data. When set to False, the FlexNet Inventory Agent records application usage data.
Note: The schedule component has a preference of the same name, used for a slightly different purpose.
Background: Application usage tracking (sometimes called "application metering") by the FlexNet Inventory Agent works by tracking the time during which installed files are opened and active on the targeted devices, where those installed files are known to be part of a particular installed application. This usage data is uploaded to the central application server, where the usage tracking calculations occur at each license reconciliation (whether or not usage data is available from any particular inventory source). This preference can be modified in three ways:
  • At adoption or installation time for the FlexNet Inventory Agent on a target Windows device, the installation configuration file can establish your preferred default (but only for Windows):
    • On Windows, the USAGEAGENT_DISABLE setting from the mgssetup.ini file is written to the registry location shown below
    • On UNIX-like platforms, the mgsft_rollout_response file does not support a setting for application usage tracking; but manual editing of the preference is possible (described next).
  • On a target device, you can edit this preference setting manually:
    • On Windows, edit the registry setting shown below, or deploy a registry change using your preferred deployment tool
    • For UNIX-like platforms, you can edit the UNIX preference file (config.ini) and deploy the update separately.
  • The simplest method is that you can update the setting for selected target devices through the web interface. Navigate to Discovery & Inventory > Discovery and Inventory Rules > Targets tab, and scroll down to the Application usage options section. Changes recorded here are deployed automatically to the target inventory devices through the next policy update, where they adjust this setting appropriately on each device.


Values / range

Boolean (True or False)

Default value


Command line


Application usage agent


-o Disabled=False


Installed by

Installation of FlexNet Inventory Agent, or manual configuration

Computer preference

[Registry]\ManageSoft\Usage Agent\CurrentVersion

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