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Disabled determines whether the schedule component is disabled on the managed device. By default, this value is set to False, enabling the schedule component.

If a date and time in the future is specified, the schedule component is disabled, and remains disabled until this date and time. Settings are not cleared as a given date and time passes, so that a date and time that has passed is also a possible value. Such past values are ignored, and have the same effect as the value False (that is, when the date is in the past, the schedule agent is enabled).

On Windows devices, management of this preference is different for user schedules and machine schedules:
  • For user schedules, the user can run the schedule agent on the managed device. If users open a command line window, they can navigate to $(ProgramFiles)\ManageSoft\Schedule Agent, and run ndschedag.exe, without parameters. This presents a user interface where they can set the Disabled check box. When the schedule agent window closes (with the check box set), the schedule agent adds the number of seconds in the DisablePeriod preference to the current date and time, and writes the result to this Disabled (schedule agent) setting.
    Note: User-based inventory (and therefore user-based scheduling) are deprecated, and are included only for backward compatibility. Use of machine schedules is recommended.
  • Machine schedules cannot be disabled through any user interface, nor through command line interaction. If you need to temporarily disable a machine schedule, enter an appropriate date and time string in ISO format in the Computer preference registry setting listed in the Registry table below.


Values / range

Either False, or a date/time value in the ISO standard format yyyymmddThhmmss. If this date and time is in the future, it is the date and time at which the agent schedules will be re-enabled on this managed device.

Default value


Example values


Command line


Schedule component (ndschedag)


-o Disabled=20150823T143014


Installed by

Installation of FlexNet Inventory Agent (computer preference)

Computer preference

[Registry]\ManageSoft\Schedule Agent\CurrentVersion

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