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EmbedFileContentDirectory specifies folders that must be scanned in the search for ISO/IEC 19770-2 software identification tags (known as "SWID tags", for which see https://tagvault.org/swid-tags/what-are-swid-tags/). Note that subfolders may be included, based on the value of Recurse (which defaults to true). When recursion is needed, specific subfolders may also be excluded (see ExcludeEmbedFileContentDirectory).

This preference may be set by downloaded policy to reflect the settings in the web interface for IT Asset Management at Discovery & Inventory > Settings.
Tip: This is not the only preference that causes folders to be scanned. See also IncludeDirectory.


Values / range

Any valid folder path. Multiple paths may be specified with a semi-colon separator between them.

Default value

This default applies on Windows platforms when the registry key is not present, and the option is not specified in the command line.
Important: If the registry key is present but has a null value (or the option is given in the command line but without a value), scanning for SWID tags is turned off.
Note: On UNIX-like platforms, there is no default path scanned. To embed ISO tag files on these platforms, you may specify paths in the web interface(see above) or use this preference either on a command line or in:
  • For the FlexNet Inventory Agent case, the /var/opt/managesoft/etc/config.ini file that serves in place of a registry on these platforms
  • For the FlexNet Inventory Scanner case, the co-located ndtrack.ini file that holds preferences for ndtrack.sh.

Example value

The double backslash works around the command prompt escaping, and becomes a single backslash to the inventory component. This searches all folders on all available drives for ISO tag files.
Note: This would be a time-consuming operation, and not best practice given that the ISO specification defines where ISO tag file should be stored (see the default value above).

Command line


Inventory component (ndtrack)


-o EmbedFileContentDirectory="C:\Program Files (x86)"


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Code internals, or manual configuration

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