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For files within a folder included in inventory, the tracker performs an MD5 checksum, and excludes any files from the inventory that have an MD5 value equal to any value stored in ExcludeMD5. This preference can accept multiple values, separated by commas or semicolons.
Tip: Comma separators can be used freely. If you use semi-colon separators, it is mandatory on UNIX-like platforms to enclose the list of values in either single or double ASCII quotation marks. (Be careful that any copy/paste doesn't switch to 'smart quotes', and use only plain ASCII quotation marks.)
Note: Inclusions and exclusions can cover folders (and optionally their sub-folders), file name extensions, specific file names, and specific MD5 digest values. To resolve conflicting specifications, the specifications of folders provides a data set to which the following specifications are applied as filters, prioritized from lowest to highest as:
  • File extension
  • File name
  • MD5 value.
For example, if file extension exe is included, filename xcopy.exe excluded, and MD5 value 123456... (the MD5 for xcopy.exe) is included, then the inventory agent includes all files with extension exe except for all versions of xcopy.exe that do not have an MD5 value 123456....


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(No default.)

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-o ExcludeMD5=7d9d2440656fdb3645f6734465678c60


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