IT Asset Management (Cloud)


Host identifies the inventory beacon on which the reporting location (uploads) or distribution location (downloads) is hosted.

The value may, as appropriate, be either the simple host name (within a single domain) or the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the inventory beacon. Of course, name resolution depends on correctly-maintained domain name servers (DNS). Within network segments that have IPv4 transport protocol available, an IP address (in IPv4 format) may be supplied when necessary (in segments supporting only the IPv6 addressing standard, use of the host's name is mandatory, and an IPv6 address may not be used).


Values / range

Valid host name

Default value

(No default.)

Example values


Installed by

Failover list for inventory beacons, or manual configuration

Computer preference

For uploads:
For downloads:
For trusted locations:
For excluded locations:

IT Asset Management (Cloud)