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Available on Windows devices only.

InventoryScriptsDir gives the location of your additional scripts to be run by the ndtrack executable immediately before inventory data is uploaded to an inventory beacon. There are no standard scripts supplied as part of IT Asset Management in this folder: it is intended for specialized scripts of your own creation and under your own control. For example, you may have used this folder to save a VB script to collect specialized inventory values. Where the preference and its specified folder exist, all scripts that exist in this location are run on each invocation of the ndtrack executable.
Warning: There is no validation of the content of the scripts found in this folder. For security, it is imperative that, when your administrator creates the folder and records it in the InventoryScriptsDir registry key, the folder is locked down so that it is accessible only to the account running the ndtrack executable (by default, local SYSTEM), and to a trusted human administrator who has permission to install your preferred scripts in the specified folder.
Any scripts in the folder are executed by scripttrack.dll, a plug-in for ndtrack. (This same DLL is also required for the execution of specialized inventory tasks in the InventorySettings.xml file.) This means that the script execution capability is supported in the following cases of FlexNet inventory gathering:
  • The Adopted case
  • The Zero-footprint case
  • The Agent third-party deployment case, unless you have deliberately removed scripttrack.dll when preparing the deployment package
  • The Core deployment case, unless you have deliberately removed scripttrack.dll when preparing the deployment package (noting that this cannot be removed where you are relying on InventorySettings.xml for advanced inventory collection, as described in Core Deployment: Implementation).
As noted below, operation in any of these cases requires that the folder exists and is identified in the InventoryScriptsDir registry setting on the target device where the scripts must run.
Tip: This preference is entirely independent of the ScriptDir preference.


Values / range

String identifying an existing directory.

Default value

This default is used when the registry key does not exist, and no value is provided on the command line. This means that this folder (if it exists) must also be locked down; or if not, its creation must be prevented, most likely by security on the parent directory.

Example values


Command line


Inventory component (ndtrack)


-o InventoryScriptDir=C:\private


Installed by

Manual installation

Computer preference


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