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MaxKeepAliveRequests sets the maximum number of HTTP/HTTPS requests that the uploader component (in either FlexNet Inventory Agent or FlexNet Beacon) may make on a given persistent HTTP/HTTPS connection. Effectively, this is the number of file uploads attempted before requesting a new connection. The count monitors only uploads (for example, of inventory or discovery files, status reports or logs) and is not affected by downloads (for example, of policy or self-update packages).
Tip: This setting, which limits the reuse of HTTP/HTTPS connections, is independent of socket-level keep-alive requests that are controlled by SendTCPKeepAlive. Both may operate across the same network connection: for example, when the uploader switches connections to start uploading a distinct file type, this setting may render an older connection unavailable. Otherwise, the settings are independent.

The special value MaxKeepAliveRequests=0 means that there is no maximum, and the uploader issues keep-alive requests repeatedly (uses the same connection for all file uploads). The same result occurs if you manually remove the registry setting.

The main benefit of limiting the number of requests on a persistent connection is to allow for improved load balancing across large systems. Because load balancers do not re-route persistent connections, dropping the connection and requesting a new one allows for improved load balancing between multiple servers.
Tip: This MaxKeepAliveRequests setting works in conjunction with MaxKeepAliveLifetime. If both settings are active, a new HTTP/HTTPS connection is requested (and both counters are reset) for the next upload after either of these limits is reached.


Values / range


Default value

50 (on Windows platforms) 0 (on UNIX-like platforms)

Example values


Command line


Upload component (ndupload)


-o MaxKeepAliveRequests=100


Installed by

Installer (Windows only), or manual configuration

Computer preference



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