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NetworkHighUsage specifies the maximum percentage of bandwidth that FlexNet tools uses for uploads and downloads on a high-speed connection. The following special cases apply:
  • If NetworkHighUsage is set to 0, the installation agent downloads files using 0.1% of the measured bandwidth.
  • If NetworkHighUsage is outside the range prescribed in NetworkHighUsageLowerLimit and NetworkHighUsageUpperLimit, it is reset to the nearest range endpoint. For example, consider a case with the following settings:
    • NetworkHighUsageLowerLimit = 10
    • NetworkHighUsageUpperLimit = 40
    If you set NetworkHighUsage to 5 (too low), it is automatically reset to 10 (the lower limit). Similarly, if you set NetworkHighUsage to 60 (too high), it is automatically reset to 40 (the upper limit).

Use the Common key (without any more specialized settings) to keep all tools aligned on the same value.


Values / range

Numeric (percentage 0-100).

Default value

For downloads, 100. For uploads, no default.

Example values


Command line


Installation component (ndlaunch), upload component (ndupload)


-o NetworkHighUsage=75


Installed by

For downloads, installation of FlexNet Inventory Agent. For uploads, manual configuration.

Computer preference

For downloads, in order of precedence:
  • [Registry]\ManageSoft\Launcher\CurrentVersion
  • [Registry]\ManageSoft\Common.
For data reporting and inventory uploads, in order of precedence:
  • [Registry]\ManageSoft\Uploader\CurrentVersion
  • [Registry]\ManageSoft\Common.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)