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OnlyGenerateIfHardwareChanged is a preference used to manage the upload of hardware inventory, particularly for use in high-frequency subcapacity license calculations for IBM PVU licenses. IBM may grant a license variation allowing the use of subcapacity calculations by IT Asset Management, for which typical conditions include a requirement for 30 minute checks on hardware changes and virtual machine relocations. To minimize both the performance impact on the target inventory devices and network load from inventory uploads, this setting allows for the upload of the inventory (.ndi) file only when the hardware inventory has changed since the last inventory file upload. The effects of the setting values are:
  • False means that a hardware inventory (.ndi) file is uploaded from this inventory device to an appropriate inventory beacon after every inventory check (typically, every 30 minutes).
  • True means that, when nothing has changed since the last upload of an inventory file, no new upload occurs; but if there is any change in the relevant hardware characteristics (including the location of virtual machines, where relevant), a new .ndi file for the entire current state of the hardware is uploaded. You may also specify some WMI properties where changes are irrelevant and ignored (see HardwareChangesClassPropertyBlacklist).


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Boolean (true/false)

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Command line


Inventory component (ndtrack)


-o OnlyGenerateIfHardwareChanged=true


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