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OracleEnvironmentCmdTimeoutSeconds applies when the tracker issues commands to gather inventory on Oracle Database and associated options. Some of these commands may hang – for example, with some commands, some machines are configured to prompt for a password. Since ndtrack is unable to supply credentials, it would previously hang, and the overall inventory gathering process would therefore fail.

With the addition of a timeout, ndtrack can now time out on the blocked command, so that only the Oracle inventory gathering step fails, and the rest of the process can continue.
Tip: This option is available only on UNIX-like platforms, and if you wish to override the default value, it may be set either on the command line or in the config.ini file that functions as a pseudo-registry on those platforms.


Values / range

1 through 60 (inclusive, in seconds). Numeric values outside this range are corrected to the nearest boundary value.

Default value

10 (This is the default value when there is no entry, or a non-numeric entry in the command line options.)

Example value


Command line


Inventory component (ndtrack)


-o OracleEnvironmentCmdTimeoutSeconds=20


Installed by

Manual configuration (computer preference)

Computer preference


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