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PerformIBMDB2Inventory controls whether or not the locally-installed FlexNet Inventory Agent utilizes the db2licm command to improve inventory recognition of IBM Db2 database and its available add-ons. This command is a standard part of the IBM Db2 installation, and requires no special configuration or command-line options for its execution.
Tip: On UNIX-like platforms, the FlexNet Inventory Agent must run with elevated privileges in order to execute the db2licm command. The default configuration, where the FlexNet Inventory Agent runs as root, allows for execution of this command. If this PerformIBMDB2Inventory is set to True but the FlexNet Inventory Agent is not running with elevated privileges, there are various results:
  • The feature to collect additional Db2 inventory is disabled internally, and [Registry] or command-line settings are ignored
  • The following is added to the tracker log file (and further detail is available in mgstrace.log, if you are running the trace file):
    IBM Db2 inventory is disabled as the inventory agent is not running in the 
    administrator's context.
These conditions do not apply to Microsoft Windows platforms, where IBM Db2 allows a standard user account to run the db2licm.exe command without error.
Running db2licm and associated commands allows the imported inventory to populate the IBM Db2 Database and Add-Ons report with product details and license consumption results. If these command cannot be used (for example, because the PerformIBMDB2Inventory preference has been set to False), the report cannot be populated.


Values / range

Boolean (True or False)

Default value


This default is automatically applied when there is no value available in the [Registry] or command line.

Example values


Command line


Inventory component (ndtrack)


-o PerformIBMDB2Inventory=False


Installed by

Manual configuration

Computer preference


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