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Tip: This preference requires that the up-to-date InventorySettings.xml file is either:
  • Co-located with the FlexNet Inventory Scanner (or the scanner-like on UNIX-like platforms)
  • Correctly installed with the fully-installed FlexNet Inventory Agent.
Unless this condition is met, this preference is ignored.
By default when the above condition is met, the tracker (ndtrack executable) will perform all local scripting actions specified in InventorySettings.xml. For example, this file includes enhanced inventory abilities related to Oracle databases and the hardware they run on, and Microsoft Exchange (although the functionality available is subject to the products you have licensed within IT Asset Management). When false, the PerformLocalScripting option prevents execution of any of the scripting enabled in the InventorySettings.xml file.
Tip: Using either the IncludeLocalScriptRule or ExcludeLocalScriptRule preference, you can separately manage local scripting by leaving some enhanced inventory collection operational.
Note: Collecting inventory from local Oracle Database instances requires that none of the following conditions apply:
  • PerformLocalScripting=False (this turns off all scripts, including Oracle inventory)
  • PerformOracleInventory=False (this turns off Oracle inventory)
  • ExcludeLocalScriptRule="OracleRule"
  • IncludeLocalScriptRule is set to any value that does not include OracleRule (which is thereby excluded).
When all these preferences have their default values, inventory gathering from local Oracle Database instances can proceed.


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-o PerformLocalScripting=False


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