IT Asset Management (Cloud)


PolicyPackageRefreshPeriod specifies the number of seconds after successfully downloading package (.osd) files during which download of those files should not be attempted again.

If a value is set for this preference, each time policy is applied the policy agent checks to see if package files required by policy have been downloaded within this time period. If so, the currently downloaded package files are used for installation.

If package files have not been downloaded within the time interval, they are remotely checked for changes since they were last downloaded to the inventory device, and only downloaded if changed. (The method of checking this depends on the protocol in use. For HTTP downloads, an If-Modified-Since HTTP request is used. Equivalent requests are made for other protocols.)

If no value is set for this preference, package files are always downloaded, regardless of whether or not they have changed since they were last downloaded.

If, instead, you always want newer package files (those that have changed since the last download to the inventory device) to be downloaded when policy is applied, set the value of this preference to 0 (zero).


Values / range

Integer in the range 0 - 1000000000

Default value


86400 seconds is 24 hours

Example values


28800 seconds is 8 hours


Installed by

Manual configuration

Computer preference


IT Asset Management (Cloud)