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PreferIPVersion determines whether network communications between components of IT Asset Management give priority to either IPv4 or IPv6 when both protocol formats are available (for example, in a dual-stack server). If the preferred format is not available, operations fail over to using the IP format that is available.


Values / range

A case-insensitive string containing one of
  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • SystemSupplied. This setting means that, from the list of possible IP addresses supplied by a Dynamic Name Server (DNS), and perhaps reordered by the operating system to suit local configuration, the FlexNet tool uses the first IP address, in whichever IP version it is supplied.
    Tip: Any unrecognized value for PreferIPVersion invokes the same default behavior.

Default value

This default applies when PreferIPVersion is not specified, or when the value is incorrectly specified and cannot be interpreted.

Example value


Command line


Inventory agent (ndtrack), launcher (ndlaunch), or upload component (ndupload).


-o PreferIPVersion=IPv6


Installed by

Code internals, or manual configuration

Computer preference


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