Priority (manual mapper)

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Priority resolves conflicting assignments of an executable (or directory) to an application for which usage is being tracked using the manual mapper.

For application usage tracking, only one application can “own” a file or directory. Where more than one application being tracked specifies the same file or directory, the value of the manual mapper Priority preference is used to resolve which application the file or directory is assigned to for tracking. This resolution process occurs at the time the application is being specified for tracking: the application with the highest value for Priority owns the file or directory for usage tracking. Where more than one application specifies the same file or directory for usage tracking, and both have identical priorities, the application whose usage tracking is most recently defined takes precedence.

Where no specific Priority is assigned, the value of ManualMapperDefaultPriority is silently assigned (see ManualMapperDefaultPriority).

This Priority preference is required only when the manual mapper is used to identify files to monitor (and is otherwise ignored). This registry value must be created manually, within a node for the chosen application that has also been inserted manually (and shown below as Application node).


Values / range

Integer between 1 and 10000.

Default value

Value set for ManualMapperDefaultPriority.

Example value



Installed by

Manual configuration only.

Computer preference

[Registry]\ManageSoft\Usage Agent\CurrentVersion\Manual Mapper\Application node

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