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For mutual Transport Layer Security (TLS), the client (the managed inventory device) requires a private key. The private key is never sent to the server (the inventory beacon), but is used to sign a piece of data sent to the server, where that data verifies that the client certificate (see SSLClientCertificateFile) was issued to your enterprise, which owns the corresponding private key. Thereafter the server uses the certificate (which was signed by a Certificate Authority that is trusted by the server) to decrypt data transfers.

For UNIX-like platforms only, the SSLClientPrivateKeyFile preference gives the path and file name for the file that contains the private key in PEM format.


Values / range

A valid file path (or variable that references the file path) and file name.

Default value

The default expansion for the environment variable gives this path and file name: /var/opt/managesoft/etc/ssl/client/private/client_key.pem

Example values


Command line


Installation component (ndlaunch), inventory component (ndtrack), upload component (ndupload)


-o SSLClientPrivateKeyFile="/tmp/test/client_key.pem"


Installed by

Code internals, or manual configuration

Computer preference


IT Asset Management (Cloud)