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ShowIcon influences visibility to the user on the Windows computer device being inventoried by a non-SYSTEM user account:
  • When set to True, the tracker (ndtrack.exe) displays an icon in the system tray when it is collecting inventory. This icon displays, regardless of the value of the UserInteractionLevel preference. If this icon is double-clicked and UserInteractionLevel is set to Status or Auto, the progress display toggles from being hidden to being visible.
  • When set to False, no icon will display.
Tip: On modern versions of Windows, this preference affects the tracker when it is being executed by a particular user account. When (as is normal) the inventory is being run by the local SYSTEM account, no icon is visible in the system tray.


Values / range

Boolean (True or False).

Default value

No registry default. If no value is supplied, the behavior depends on UserInteractionLevel. Where this is Full, the behavior is equivalent to ShowIcon=False; and otherwise the behavior is as for ShowIcon=True.

Example values


Command line


Inventory component (ndtrack)


-o ShowIcon=False


Installed by

Installation of FlexNet Inventory Agent

Computer preference

In order of precedence:
  • [Registry]\ManageSoft\Tracker\CurrentVersion
  • [Registry]\ManageSoft\Common

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