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Unless the Upload parameter is False (when this preference is ignored), an upload location must be specified, and UploadLocation is a convenient method. The value must be a URL of the form:
protocol separator server-name/webService
  • protocol and separator comprise one of these combinations (note three slashes for the file protocol):
    • http://
    • https://
    • ftp://
    • file:///
    Tip: If you are uploading to an inventory beacon, use one of the HTTP or HTTPS protocols. The FlexNet Beacon software does not provide native support for FTP or file shares. (Those protocols are available only for configuration of your own uploads, such as for disconnected inventory beacons.) (In addition, on UNIX-like platforms for the scanner-like ndtrack.sh, network shares are not supported.)
  • server-name is either the IP address or a server name (where the system running the inventory tool has DNS access to resolve server names) of the destination for the upload (such as a parent inventory beacon, or a central application server).
    Tip: If the target server is not listening on the default port number for the selected protocol, add the port number to the server name, separated by a colon. Example:
    Note: Where you cannot use a host name or fully-qualified domain name for the server hosting the upload location, you may specify an IP address. Because this IP address is being specified from the managed device's perspective, both the IPv4 and IPv6 address families are supported. This is true across platforms (Windows platforms using the registry, or UNIX-like platforms using config.ini), as well as for both registry values and command line parameters. (For clarity, keep in mind that if you specify the same relationship from the other end, by customizing the BeaconEngine.conf file on an inventory beacon, the IPv6 address family is specifically excluded. That is because the BeaconEngine.conf value is shared through all inventory beacons to all policy-driven FlexNet Inventory Agents, legacy versions of which do not support the IPv6 address family. In contrast, the local command line or preference setting on a specific target device is not shared more widely.) Therefore all of the following variants are valid settings on a managed device:
  • webService is the mandatory string ManageSoftRL, which is the name of the web service that receives the uploaded inventory, and stores it (briefly) in %CommonAppData%\Flexera Software\Incoming\Inventories on the inventory beacon. The scheduled task Upload Flexera logs and inventories, which by default runs every minute, then transfers the file to the central server.
Note: If Upload is True and UploadLocation is not supplied, the uploader looks for upload information in [Registry]\ManageSoft\Common\UploadSettings (and similarly in HKEY_CURRENT_USER), where the upload information inside each key will be used in sequence until the file(s) are successfully uploaded. (The uploader ignores servers listed in UploadSettings whose priority values are “invalid” or non-numeric.)


Values / range

Any valid URL.

Default value

(No default.)

Example values

(Such a value is not supported for upload to inventory beacons, but is available for custom upload arrangements.)

Command line


Upload component (ndupload) or inventory component (ndtrack)


-o UploadLocation=http://server/ManageSoftRL


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Manual configuration

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IT Asset Management (Cloud)