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UploadUser provides the username of the account required to access the location to which files are to be uploaded.

It is rare to specify this preference. In general, the credentials for bootstrapping are embedded in the upload URLs; and for normal operation, the inventory beacon downloads a failover list of all available inventory beacons (which normally all have IIS configured for anonymous authentication). The FlexNet Inventory Agent saves the contents of this list into the registry on the managed device, under the DownloadSettings and UploadSettings keys. There may be several keys thereunder, one for each download (or upload) location included in the failover list.

Therefore when (as is normal) UploadUser is not defined, the upload agent attempts to use credentials saved in the [Registry]\ManageSoft\Beacon\UploadSettings group of keys.


Values / range

Valid user name

Default value

(No default.)

Example values


Command line


Upload component (ndupload)


-o UploadUser=JoSmith


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IT Asset Management (Cloud)