IT Asset Management (Cloud)


User stores the account name required for authentication during transfer of files between the managed device and the inventory beacon.

When configured by the failover list generated by an inventory beacon, the placeholders <reporting_location> and <distribution_location> take the form of GUIDs that identify the relevant location on the particular inventory beacon (for example, {8909c9ba-8492-420e-b6e0-100ecf115b0a}). In contrast, if you are manually configuring UploadSettings in an ndtrack.ini file for the lightweight inventory scanner on UNIX-like platforms, you may use any string of ASCII characters (excluding white space) that is unique within the context of the ndtrack.ini file for these locations.


Values / range

Valid user name.

Default value

For FTP protocol only:
Otherwise, there is no default.
Example value


Installed by

Failover list for inventory beacons, or manual configuration

Computer preference

For uploads:
For downloads:

IT Asset Management (Cloud)