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UserZeroTouchDirectory specifies the directory where user inventory files are written (temporarily, pending upload) during a remote ("zero touch") inventory gathering process. If the upload (called as part of the inventory scanning process) proceeds normally, each temporary file is cleaned up after upload.
Note: The FlexNet Inventory Agent references this setting for any user-based inventory involving remote execution (zero touch inventory gathering). Remote mode is set automatically when the registry key HKLM\Software\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\EtcpInstallDir does not exist or does not match the base directory for the executable. The registry key is typically missing during zero footprint inventory collection, because the FlexNet Inventory Agent has not been permanently installed on the managed device. (This means that, when the FlexNet Inventory Agent is locally installed one the managed device, this folder is not used. Instead, in this case see UserInventoryDirectory.) Also note that the default for the FlexNet Inventory Agent is different than the default for the lightweight FlexNet Inventory Scanner.


Values / range

Any valid folder

Default value

This is the temporary directory for the account running the inventory scan. (For the installed FlexNet Inventory Agent, this is the same default value as for MachineZeroTouchDirectory.)

Example values


Command line


Inventory agent (ndtrack)


-o UserZeroTouchDirectory=C:\temp


Installed by

Manual configuration

Computer preference


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