IT Asset Management (Cloud)


Version identifies the version of an application in the manual mapper for the application usage component. After usage is detected and uploaded, this version appears in the Raw Software Usage page in the web interface for IT Asset Management. This registry key must be created manually, within a node for the chosen application that has also been inserted manually (and shown below as Application node).
Tip: If this value for Version, together with the value for Application, are exact matches for the application version and name recorded in installer evidence for the application, the set-up can be simplified a little, because this mapping of the executable to the application automatically matches through the known installer evidence. (If not, this manual mapper entry can also be manually linked to the application record.)


Values / range

Valid text character string, which may include spaces as required.

Default value

No default value.

Example values



Installed by

Manual configuration only.

Computer preference

[Registry]\ManageSoft\Usage Agent\CurrentVersion\Manual Mapper\Application node

IT Asset Management (Cloud)