Zero-Footprint: Details

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

This chapter provides great detail about the FlexNet inventory core components when these are included as part of the standard installation of the FlexNet Beacon code on an inventory beacon. When used in this environment, the functionality of the FlexNet inventory core components is augmented by other code elements that are part of FlexNet Beacon, making this use case unique.

In this configuration on an inventory beacon, the FlexNet inventory core components are capable of collecting hardware and software inventory from separate target devices, using a remote execution technique fully described in this chapter.

Although the inventory component (ndtrack) executes in the context of the target inventory device, it is removed after each inventory exercise. Since nothing is permanently installed on the target inventory device, this is called the Zero-footprint case. For details of the distinct use cases, refer back to Understanding What, Where, How, and Why.

This document provides a consistent set of data (as far as possible) across all the different use cases, each in its own chapter. This means that, once you have chosen your preferred use case, you can focus only on the details for that one, and ignore all other use case chapters.

In addition to the distinct chapters for the different use cases, you should also review the subsequent chapter on functionality that is common throughout. This is followed by detailed reference material on command lines, preferences, file formats, and the like.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)